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The Truth about Weight Loss and Why It doesn't Really Matter

If I told you I could help you lose 20lbs in 24 hours would you be interested?

I hope not, in fact I would hope you ran away! Far far away! 

You may ask can this even be done?

And the answer is yes, yes it can. In fact its done on a daily basis by 1000s of people competing in combat sports.

In this world of combat sports many athletes go through a 'weight cut', during which an athlete can lose up anywhere from 5-30 lbs in weight over a period of a few days.

It is often referred to as the fight before the fight and is a grueling process of dehydration, pain and comes with potential serious health risks!

Due to the system of categorizing athletes into weight classes to avoid unfair physical advantages and ensure the bout is a display of talent and not just physical superiority, athletes go through these weight cuts to try to take advantage of these weight categories so they can fight in a division below there actual fighting weight.

For example, an athlete competing at 170lbs will weigh in 24hours before the fight at the 170lbs fight weight and then fight the next day weighing anywhere from 180-200lbs.

The athlete can create a 30-50 lb shift in weight (dropping 10 - 25lbs and regaining 10-25lbs) in a period of 2-3 days!

This approach exists with giant risks involved and the process generally begins 12-16 weeks before the fight during which the athlete is training multiple times per day and adhering to a strict diet and culminates in a 24-48 period of absolute torture.

So why do they do this and what's it got to with Janice and her new diet. ?

Well, for athletes there are giant advantages to weighing more, from a biomechanical standpoint and actual weight stand point, go and pick up a 6 year old and toss him and then do the same with a 9 year old. Then have them both punch you. Get my point?

You see, these fighters aren't shedding 10-20lbs of fat over this 24 hour period, they are simply manipulating their hydration (water inside the body) to bring down the number on the scale (..that's why we see big drops in weight in keto, fasting, detoxes). Once they hit the number standing on a scale on deaths door step, they then engage in a rehydration process to get heavy for the fight!  

However for the average person on a 'weight loss' journey, there are no advantages to manipulating your weight on a short term basis and as such it should not be a area of focus until other elements of your health have been dialed in.

That's why I dont really care if you lose 3lbs in one week or gain 3 lbs. in one week. Its most likely all water.

I do care however if you improved your opinion yourself, whether or not you held yourself to the standards we set and engaged in positive behaviors that bring about an overall improvement in your health (sleep, tracking, awareness, gratitude, stress relief.....). 

Who gives a fuck what the scale says if you took positive action on becoming the ideal version of who you want to be!

We read absolute non sense stories about people who lost x amount of weight in x amount of time with zero context about what that weight actually was and compare ourselves to metrics that cannot be achieved in a rationale and safe way never mind cemented into long term sustainable results!

With 1lb of fat roughly equivalent to 3500 KCALs, and the fact that its highly unlikely that your body will use fat as its only fuel source (I wont even start on the wankers who claim to know the secret to scorching body fat...), you will have to create more than a 3500KCAL deficit over a week to lose 1lb of fat, so the probability of you losing 3 lbs. of fat in one week is highly unlikely. That would be a 11500 KCAL deficit. 

To put that in perspective the Tour de France cyclists ride about 110 miles and burn an average of 6,071 calories each day of the race. So I hate to break it to you, your 30 minute high intensity class is not burning a 1000 kcal! 

Now, I dont want to frame weight loss as a futile pipe dream, but I do want to emphasize it as long term commitment. Too many people put too much faith and importance on the number on the scale and its not the greatest way of measuring your health! 

So if your thinking about doing something about your weight. Instead of focusing on the 'battle' or the 'fight' focus on the journey and remember you do not need to make weight, you need to make progress.

Much Love x 


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