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Answer these 5 questions to find out how to choose the right online program for you

Covid. The reason you wear sweat pants to work, that is if you even bother to wear pants anymore and the the reason why online coaching and remote programing has taken a step into the limelight. 

As with anything health related, there is an abundance of choice and stress associated with the decision making progress, so to help you navigate through this landscape of seductive marketing and somewhat endless variety, I have put together 5 questions you should ask to create clarity around what is right for you!

1. What do you want. 

Remember the scene from The Notebook? When Ryan Gosling pleads with Rachel McAdams to tell him what she wants? Well that's what you need to decide. What do you actually want, what do you value and what are you willing to commit your time, energy and effort to?

Stop playing with our emotions and being indecisive and tell us the truth! 


2. What do you enjoy?

Improving your health requires a certain amount of behavior change. This in of it self can be difficult enough without the added stress and misery of doing something you hate. The likelihood of you continuing a behavior long enough to see a cemented change diminishes over time if we do not enjoy what we are doing. 

That's why restrictive dieting, destroying ourselves in the gym and extreme change rarely results in long term behavior nor body composition change. We advocate finding something you enjoy and can integrate into your identity and allow 'being healthy' to become a part of who you are and not something you are forced to do. 

3. What will you actually do?

At first guess fitness one of the things we look at is competence (what is your actually ability) and confidence (belief in ability). When confidence and competence are high consistency improves. For example we know strength training and adhering to a well structured diet will facilitate results, but if you lack the competence and confidence to execute these things, then its a fruitless plan. Therefore its important to know what you will actually do, before you pay for something and end up too far outside of your comfort zone, giving up and reverting back to the undesired state you began with. 


4. How much resources do you want or have to spend?

Adding on to the last point, its no good creating a plan that you cannot follow or afford. When considering what you should do you need to think about how much time, effort, energy, money you have at your disposal. 

Do you need flexibility? Do you need lots of support? Do you need a PDF with a generic program and nutrition plan? There are health programs out there that cost you $20 and there are those that can cost you $10,000. Having an answer to questions 1,2 and 3 will help you decide where you will allocate your time, money and effort. 

5. Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

This has nothing to do with anything, yet I said I would ask 5 questions and I could not think of a reasonable 5th so just answer the question :) 


If after reading this you still feel a little bewildered, confused or frustrated with how to move forward towards your health goals then simply reach out to us (join the Facebook group here) and we would love to help. 

We want to know what you are thinking about or struggling with so we can better provide valuable content and clarity. 


Much Love 





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