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Why what you eat and when you eat are not the most important elements of successful diet.

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2020

What is the most important thing when it comes to successfully implementing a Nutrition plan and getting results?


When trying to navigate the baffling world of nutrition and decipher what is right and wrong for our body it is more than easy to be debilitated by the sheer mass of information and the conflicting views from equally respected experts.


Spend 30 minutes researching diets and or nutrition and tell me how many different approaches, supplements and success stories you encounter.


…..confusing right!? 


So how on earth are you supposed to make an informed decision and TRUST and BELIEVE that it will work?


Well you can’t.


You will not know whether something will work for you until you actually do it.


You can seek guidance, coaching, do your own research and reading but until you actually give it a go, you won’t know whether or not it will work for you.


Which brings me to my opinion on what the most important aspect of nutrition is………. being COMMITTED and CONSISTENT.


Once you have made an informed decision upon what is the best strategy and approach for you then the only way to make it work is to commit to making it work and being consistent.


The reason why there are so many approaches to nutrition that work, people swear by and appear to have a host of health benefits is primarily due to the fact that people commit and stay consistent.


Now the law of thermodynamics is not to be disregarded, where energy out must be higher than energy in to create a deficit and thus weight loss, but to ensure you are actually in a kcal deficit would necessitate commitment and consistency.


Is it really that easy??

….. Yes and no.


Staying consistent is incredibly difficult for the vast majority of people who are deeply ingrained in habits or subconscious rituals that dictate their day. 


Breaking these habits is something that people struggle with their whole life and many experts again have a host of different solutions to help you overcome your own obstacles to success.

Making a commitment however is an easier element of the equation. If you truly want something, can visualise the end result and feel the emotion attached to this end result you can make decisions based upon goals and outcomes as opposed to satisfying the immediate reward systems we typically appease.


The more committed you are the easier it will be to stay consistent feeding the symbiotic relationship between the two and driving you towards success.

So instead of asking what is the best approach to Nutrition, ask what approach can I commit to and stay consistent with, and that will be the best nutritional approach for you.


As always for any help with any of this feel free to reach out and we will do what we can to help you optimize your own health and happiness.

Patrick x


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