Uncover motivations strategies that work. 

Despite our best intentions to be healthy we struggle. So many of us say we restrain ourselves or try to restrain our eating habits yet 42% of us are obese. We spend 1.8 billion dollars per year on gym memberships we don’t use. Even people who use the gym throw away money with underused memberships. So why, when we have the best intentions do we come up short?

If you’re like most people you don’t struggle seeing the value in changing your behavior. Not acting or not acting consistently puts you in a state of ambivalence. Ambivalence is characterized by wanting to change and at the same time not wanting to change. If you’re stuck in ambivalence, it’s not your fault. It’s your system that is working against you, preventing you from executing your plan. To make long term change we need to make your system work for you.




This eBook is going to provide you with a better understanding of motivation as a determinant of your health behaviors. 

It is going to help you understand what influences your motivation and how to set up a system with behavior change techniques that helps you enhance your motivation for the healthy things you want to do